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Welcome to [info]jpunk_fashion !!!

General Concept

This community is for lovers of Japanese punk fashion! And, I'm not trying to be racist by saying "ONLY Japanese" punk fashion, but the main concept/focus of this community is for the JAPANESE take on punk fashion - NOT the Western version.

Posting Information

What can you post? The rules are simple! If it follows any of the following criteria, it's post-able!:

1) It is a PUNK outfit either worn by yourself or as a form of inspiration by others such as bands/celebrities. The best examples would be from KERA, a J-Rock and Fashion magazine. HOWEVER, KERA also features gothic, lolita and pop outfits. Those styles do not belong here, so please post to their respective communities.

2) Hybrid/Combo outfits are allowed! Styles like oshare punk, pop punk, girly punk, casual punk, punk rock, pretty punk, etc. are all accepted!!

3) It has not been posted before. Duplicate entries or copies of the same outfits/pictures will be deleted.

4) YOUR OWN ORIGINAL designs. This includes drawings, pictures that you take, etc. As long it has at least a slight reference/relevance to J-Punk, it's good!

5) Something to share that involves J-Punk. For example, manga/dramas with punk characters, books, etc.

6) It is not insulting nor (c)rude. Issues like racism, hate, sexual harrassment and the like WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Users that do not follow this rule will be excluded from this community.
Criticism is allowed, but only CONSTRUCTIVE criticism - as in suggestions.

That's it for now! Please feel free to join and post!

- kdg <3


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